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Apex Technology

Ally to Managed Service Provider

Executive Summary

Apex Technology is a market leader in the Managed IT Services field, providing proactive monitoring and maintenance services & solutions to a wide range of businesses across the greater Charlotte region, including:

  • IT Security Reviews and Services
  • Cloud Services and Data Backup
  • IT Consulting and Strategic Planning
  • Web, Application, and Database Development

Challenges at Apex

Uptime is crucial to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that delivers mission critical services to businesses ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 companies.

Jarrod Gibson, Director of Managed Services realized that the skills and abilities of his experienced team to remediate client issues were worthless if connectivity was lost (due to power or network issues) at their command center in north Charlotte. Apex was also hosting and managing some of their clients’ equipment in their office-based data closet and began to analyze the risk that existed as power disruptions became more common. Additionally, they recognized that their existing arrangement had caused them to miss out on several opportunities to offer cloud and hosted solutions to potential clients.

In 2013, as their client portfolio began to rapidly expand, Apex took the unique position of viewing their business as they would if they were, in fact, their own client: in essence, the doctor became the patient. Their wisdom allowed them to apply the same consultative approach to their own operations. Armed with intelligent data, Apex began mapping a strategy to improve their operational efficiency and dramatically reduce risk.

"Outages due to storms and other situations outside of our control made us realize that (as a Managed Services provider) it was time for us to relocate our equipment to a trustworthy datacenter to ensure our uptime and productivity."

- Jarrod Gibson Director of Managed Services

How Lumos Data Centers Helped

Key benefits beyond premier uptime:

  • Strategic Partner: Apex required a data center that didn’t directly compete with them for clients; Lumos Data Centers is currently the only compliant Charlotte data center that selects not to offer services that compete with MSPs.
  • 24/7 Support on Demand: Lumos Data Centers’ affordable “Remote Hands” services have proven to be highly valuable to Apex at times when travelling to the data center has been an inconvenience, such as late at night or during rush hour. Remote Hands also allow Apex to avoid disrupting their employees scheduling by not requiring Apex engineers to be onsite at the data center for service issues.
  • Compliance Credentials: Apex’s client portfolio is comprised of a broad spectrum of companies crossing many verticals (including healthcare, legal, and accounting) where adherence to regulatory compliance is a requirement. Lumos Data Centers’ annual compliance audits are essential in establishing the foundation for Apex’s compliance to these requirements in each vertical.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Apex Evolves. Apex now houses all of their corporate server/network equipment and client server infrastructure, as well as the backend for their enterprise backup & disaster recovery service in a Lumos Data Centers data center. Additionally, Apex now has the ability to offer full colocation/hosting services and Virtual Private Cloud Services, which has allowed them expand their service offering to their existing clients while attracting new clients.

Apex anticipates significant and rapid growth in the cloud services segment of their business over the next several years and consider themselves well-positioned to capitalize on their investment.

Lumos Data Centers offers the following services: data center, colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service, Managed Hosting, and Dedicated Servers in areas around and including Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC, Greenville, SC, Columbia, SC, Blacksburg, VA, Richmond, VA, and Roanoke, VA.