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Alexander Youth Network

Supporting Goals for Non-Profits

Executive Summary

Alexander Youth Network offers a comprehensive array of children’s behavioral healthcare services via outpatient services, in home/at community locations, or treatment at their main campus in Charlotte, NC.

  • Founded in 1888 as a women/children’s rescue mission
  • Serving 7,000+ children per year
  • Operating more than a dozen programs

Challenges at Alexdander Youth Network

At the core of their mission, Alexander Youth Network (AYN) focuses on the well-being of children; therefore, the security of patient records and reliable access to those records is paramount.

Ron Ferri (IT Director) and his team pride themselves on delivering world class service to the practice professionals that work to improve the lives of their patients and their patients’ families.

The principle challenges to Ron and his team centered around reliability on both network and power; both which were beyond the control of AYN due to the physical location of their headquarters.

"Lumos Data Centers helps us hit the targets that were out of our reach when our equipment was located at our central campus. We are continually impressed by the timely support that is available and the overall value of service that Lumos provides to our organization."

- Ron Ferri | IT Director (AYN)

How Lumos Data Centers Helped

After thorough research of the marketplace, AYN turned to Lumos Data Centers for stability, carrier selection, and a unique sense of security.

  • Stability in the form of SLAs:
    • 100% (power)
    • 99.999% (network)
  • Carrier Selection: boasting one of the largest telecommunication portfolios in the area, Lumos Data Centers was able to provide AYN with a cross connect to the carrier of their choice, as well as a backup circuit (BGP blend) to help them attain their redundancy goals on network. Due to the standard delay in the telecom industry regarding a new circuit turn up, AYN was able to leverage the BGP circuit provided by Lumos Data Centers until their carrier of choice was able to process and complete the paperwork required to deliver service to the AYN rack.
  • Security: AYN found that security has an extended definition at Lumos Data Centers. The hardware, as expected, was protected behind many physical layers of security, in line with the multiple compliance benchmarks that Lumos Data Centers meets or exceeds. Additionally, Lumos Data Centers supports the IT department at AYN. As a data center provider that focuses on supporting (not replacing) the IT leaders, Engineers, and Architects of their customers, Lumos Data Centers offers on-demand “Remote Hands” services as an option; however, chooses to exist invisibly otherwise.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

AYN Hit Their Targets. Since relocating their mission critical operations to a Lumos Data Centers data center, AYN has experienced 100% uptime on network and power feeds, with none of the debilitating issues that jeopardized the delivery of services to their clients.

Additionally, AYN learned how easy and affordable it was to connect to additional telecom carriers for services when their contract expired with their incumbent provider.

Another benefit to AYN was the daily reports provided by the NOC team at Lumos Data Centers at no charge which AYN utilized in conjunction with their own reporting tools to verify issues in their cabinet and work through challenges; calling on the "Remote Hands" services of Lumos Data Centers on occasion.

Lumos Data Centers offers the following services: data center, colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup as a Service, Managed Hosting, and Dedicated Servers in areas around and including Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC, Greenville, SC, Columbia, SC, Blacksburg, VA, Richmond, VA, and Roanoke, VA.